Month: September 2021

2021-2022 Box Top Collections

2021-2022 Box Top Collections

2021 – 2022 Box Tops Collections   

Greetings North School Bears!

My name is Jaclyn Cipolletta, and once again I’m our school’s Box Tops for Education Coordinator this year.  The Box Tops for Education (BTE) program has helped North School earn nearly $31,967.08 in the last 16 years! We would like to once again invite you to join us this year in beating our Box Tops best (31,634 Box Tops!!) and help keep this tradition alive!

For the current year, with families scanning their receipts into the app during the summer we are currently at $58.70.  Our 2021/2022 goal is $1,000.  We are currently researching what our Box Top earnings will go to from this point on, and will keep you updated on those decisions as we become closer to our goal.

Download the Box Tops for Education App today and start scanning – I promise, it is a super-easy task to get used to.  Make an account; if you don’t already have one, and use North School / School ID: 207504 as your supporting school. Each time you shop (mostly groceries), scan your store receipt, give credit to your student / classroom teacher and if you’ve purchased any participating products, the earnings start to add up automatically and the monies earned will go directly to North School. 

We are still collecting and will be earning with the clipped Box Tops, but these are being phased out by the program very quickly.  You may continue to clip & save for North School until further notice.  Please send in any clipped box tops you have and be sure to properly label Box Tops that are submitted with your child’s name and teacher on Ziploc bags, box tops collection sheets or submitted receipts at any time.  Don’t forget to give credit to your student using first name, last name and teacher, if submitting through the app.  This ensures your child is entered into the raffle and other incentives. We will be sending out reminders on when our submissions are approaching so you can send in your clippings at that time too.  

I encourage you to join our North School PTA Facebook page for additional reminders on Bonus Box Tops available. 

Now for the fun part! To help us reach our goal and as we’ve done in past years, we will have
two school-wide Box Tops Challenges for all North School staff, students, and families to see who can collect the most Box Tops between now and May 13, 2022. First, will be a Scanning
– each family that earns $15.00 using the App from (August to April) will be able to pick a prize from our Box Tops Prize box.  Photos will be posted on our North School PTA Facebook page.  Second, is the Clipped Box Top Individual and Classroom Challenge takes place August – May.  Rewards & bragging rights are given to the top earning classrooms. 

Be on the lookout for more details in the coming months.

Attached are some helpful details if you are new to Box Tops.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need support getting started!  Contact Info: DM via Facebook or boxtops@localhost

If you see this… CLIP IT

If you see this… SCAN IT

September 16th 2021 Meeting Agenda

September 16th 2021 Meeting Agenda

PTA Meeting September 16, 2021

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Review and Approve the Minutes from last meeting

  • Ongoing Business
  • Administration Update
  • Paul Dutton, Principal
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Katie Buker
  • Upcoming Events
  • September 20th – 22nd – Book Fair
  • September 26th – State PTA “Putt Around” Fundraiser

  • New Business
  • Membership – Angela Hughes.
  • Spirit Wear – Jaclyn Cipolletta
  • Box Tops – Jaclyn Cipolletta
  • Spirit Sticks – Cara Berlien
  • Book Fair- Chelsea Ux
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest – Kaylee Esposito
  • Trunk or Treat
  • State PTA Fundraiser – Kevin Gray
  • October PTA “Dining for Dollars” – Kevin Gray
  • Open Chairs/Committee Seats
    • 5th Grade Fun Day
    • 5th Grade Yearbook
    • 5th Grade T-shirts
    • Staff/Bus Driver Appreciation
    • Parent Night Out (Sign Night)
    • Technology Committee
    • Family Game Night (Dodgeball)


Next Meeting: October 6 at 7pm